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Rustic-Folk Originals

Studio Cala is a boutique shop featuring elevated handmade crafts for the home. The rustic-folk collection by Elisabeth Chin features aesthetically cohesive wooden and textile-based furniture and handicrafts for cozy vibes.

The collection emphasizes portability and paired-back construction using natural and ethically sourced materials including plant-based dye, certified organic cotton, and eco-friendly hemp fabric.

Each creation in the rustic-folk collection is a singular item made by hand with slight variations, completely designed and constructed by Elisabeth Chin, embellished with her original artwork including screen-printed graphics and hand-painted details.

Custom Requests + Collaborations

Please reach out with custom requests for furniture and interiors, including hand-painted home accents.

Submit your message for collaborations, or if you are a maker of cozy handicrafts.

Have a question about wholesale? Contact below! Thank you!